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Little Victories - Book


A collection of portrait photography accompanied by the small things that make the subject's lives more bearable.

A note from the author -

"In December 2018 I wrote a song called Little Victories. I wrote the song as a reminder to myself to appreciate the small things in life that make the hard parts more bearable. I wanted to make a video for the song but found myself struggling to nail down a concept. My own creativity failing me I decided to email a good friend, and long time collaborator of mine called Luke Bather. After sending him the song he came back with the idea of going out in to the world and asking everyday people to share their 'Little Victories', then presenting them with a trophy in return. I loved the concept, thanks him, and then got to work putting the video in to production. We shot the video around leicester UK over the course of a day and it's something I'm really proud of. After completing the video i saw an opportunity to continue the project and started taking my camera and the trophy with me wherever I went. After a couple of months I had collected over 100. The following book is a selection of those photos and quotes."